Anna Fiorina Hess - Author - Born in Internment

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About My Book

“For many of us, the daily agonies and traumas of World War II and how they affected families in Europe and America, are a distant and fading memory. But Anna Fiorina Hess brings those ordeals back into vivid focus through the real-life experiences of her own Scottish-Italian family—united in love but slashed apart by the ambitions of Hitler and Mussolini—I couldn’t put it down.”

- Paul Chutkow, Journalist, Author of Zelda, Queen of Paris and Harvests of Joy, the Robert Mondavi story

An Excerpt from "Born in Internment"

"Andy Bertellotti, inhaling the wet-dog stink of his damp wool coat, wrapped his arms around his body to keep warm. When the freight train shuddered out of the munitions factory, he grabbed onto some crates to steady himself. As the train picked up speed, he sat in the pitch black, craving a smoke, listening to the clacking rails accuse, "Enemy alien, enemy alien, enemy alien."

The early rained come and gone.The breeze from the Mediterranean sifted through their simple dwelling place. Adela took a huge breath and sighed. It was the biggest sigh Bruna had ever heard. Lena sobbed quietly for both her father and her mother and said, "So this is what it's like to be a refugee."


"Born in Internment" is the first of several books I plan to publish under Grape and Thistle Press, which is located in Kelseyville, CA. If you are a person who loves family lore, Scotland, Italy, World War II, hidden stories of war and the resilience of humanity, you will love "Born in Internment" and the other books I have planned.